CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Johnstown man is sitting in jail after multiple alleged incidents — two shootings in Johnstown and a police pursuit in Altoona.

Devine Steven Andre Edwards, 28, is accused of stirring up trouble this year starting in June when Johnstown police were told he shot at an unknown man who allegedly threatened his girlfriend, according to court documents. He also led state police on a high-speed chase in Altoona in early August.

28-year-old Devine Steven Andre Edwards via Blair County Prison

On June 26, a witness told 911 that she saw the shooting in Johnstown and then saw a white SUV leave the area. The same witness called back to tell authorities the SUV had returned and was heading toward Solomon Homes.

When officers searched the area, they recognized Edward’s white Toyota Highlander. It was parked by Building 10, still running. Then, police noted a man later identified as Peter Galeb approached the Highlander and told police he was there to get the keys from the vehicle. Police said Galeb told them he was in the SUV with Edwards and another man, Devin Jordan, earlier and had just returned to Solomon Homes. Galeb further alleged that there were shots fired at them earlier in the night.

Edwards came out of Building 10, and all three were taken to the Public Safety Building for questioning. There, police alleged that Edwards admitted to getting out of his Highlander at the intersection of Solomon Street and Jacoby Street, firing a gun at an unknown black man, and then getting back into the Highlander and driving off. Edwards threw his gun out the window while driving, which police said they later found.

On June 27, police spoke with Edwards’ girlfriend who claimed a black man approached her on June 25, showed her a gun, and told her, “Don’t say anything, don’t talk to me. If I can’t get to who I want to get, I will get to someone he loves, and I know that’s you,” police noted in the affidavit. The woman said she recognized him as someone who lived in an apartment below her and Edwards.

While walking up the staircase to her apartment, the girlfriend said the man followed her. She got into her apartment and told Edwards about the man who followed her, police noted. Edwards walked out of the apartment, saw the man walking up the staircase, and shot at him twice before going back into the apartment, according to his girlfriend. Neither Johnstown police nor 911 was called.

The woman further told police that on the day of the June 26 shooting, Edwards, Galeb and Jordan saw the man. The man took off running, and the three took off after him. The man hid in the bushes at the intersection of Solomon Street and Jacoby Street, and this is where Edwards shot at him numerous times.

Police questioned Edwards again after learning about what happened on June 25, as well. Police claimed Edwards admitted to both shootings.

Then, on Aug. 3, state police were in Altoona near Beale Avenue when they witnessed a white Toyota Highlander driven by Edwards make a right turn into oncoming traffic on a one-way road, according to charges filed. They attempted to pull Edwards over, though it’s reported he led them on a high-speed chase instead.

Police stopped the chase after about five minutes, and several state police units search the area to find Edwards. When they found the Highlander, it was crashed into an off-duty Altoona police officer’s cruiser. The cop arrested two people that were in the Highlander who attempted to flee the scene. A third passenger was later found by Blair County Sheriff’s Deputies.

One of the passengers told police that Edwards was the one driving the vehicle, according to the affidavit. The Altoona police officer Edwards crashed into was able to positively identify him, as well.

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Edwards is now faced with a list of charges. For the shootings, he faces felony counts of aggravated assault, prohibited possession of a firearm and firearms not to be carried without a license. He also faces a minor count of tampering with evidence. A $100,000 cash bail was set for this case.

Then, for the police pursuit, Edwards was hit with one felony count of fleeing or attempting to elude an officer as well as summary traffic charges. A $35,000 cash bail was set for this case.

Edwards is lodged in Blair County Prison with a preliminary hearing scheduled for Aug. 23.