JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Cambria County man is offering $2,000 dollar reward, months after a Johnstown home was broken into.

Eric Murphy is a vintage gun collector, but in August of 2021 his mother’s house was broken into and 13 antique guns were stolen. The weapons that were ransacked include eight Winchester Rifles, one Browning Rifle, a Remington Rifle, and two pistols.

“I had just come over around 9:30 in the morning and noticed the storm door being popped open and the inside door was open,” said Murphy. “And I noticed two rifles laying on the couch and the guns were taken out of the gun cabinet and the safe.”

Murphy estimates the total value of the guns was around $10,000 dollars, but one of them was in his family for decades and he can’t put a price tag on that one.

“The first one I have is my father’s Remington 700. He’s had that since probably the 1950s or 60s,” Murphy said. “That’s a family heirloom and that has sentimental value to me.”

In wake of the break in, Murphy has added security cameras to the home. Despite these guns being out on the street, he doesn’t believe there is any threat to the public.

“They’re more collectors, it’s a possibility with the pistols being taken because they’re smaller,” said Murphy. “They’re mostly vintage weapons, but with things this day and age you just never know. They’re not an assault rifle or anything like that or a semi automatic weapon.”

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Detectives are still investigating the incident and are currently analyzing fingerprints that were left on the gun cabinet.