JOHNSTOWN, Pa (WTAJ)–The Johnstown Police Department unveiled new patrol lights that they say will help with public safety and increase officer visibility.

The department’s nine patrol cars all have these new lights. These lights are a program upgrade, including functionalities not present in their previous light system.

Johnstown Police Chief Richard Pritchard said they’re one of the first departments in the area to get ahold of this technology. They anticipate the feature helping reduce crime and protecting the citizens when patrolling the streets.

“The lights will increase visibility of our patrol units. The idea is to enhance public safety and stop crime before it occurs,” Pritchard said. “It also lets the citizens know we’re patrolling in the neighborhoods. It’s a great feature. We’re the first in the area to do it.”

The officer will have two features to control the lights. One control is cruise mode, where the lights are solid colors and not flashing. The other control involves lights flashing in all directions of the vehicle.

The department emphasized that drivers only have to yield when lights are flashing. If a police vehicle roams the neighborhood in cruise mode, you don’t have to yield or pull over.

“When the cruise mode feature is activated. The officers will be in regular patrol function, and motorists don’t need to pull over or yield the right of way to an officer,” Pritchard said. “When the full light bars are activated. The lights are flashing. You’ll see the front lights, the backlights, they all flash at the same time at various rates. Then they’ll be an audible signal which is the siren. When you see that, know to pull over and yield right away.”

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These lights were free of charge for the department. Pritchard added these new lights would be installed in all patrol cars moving forward. Overall, officers would be in cruise mode during their shifts.