HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)– Juniata Township residents are still expressing frustrations over the proposed 42-acre campsite located on Piney Ridge Road.

Residents have asked the township supervisor to remove the proposed project for months. However, the issue has yet to be resolved, and now residents are asking for help from other officials.

The main reason residents are concerned is because of the limited availability of water. Residents tend to rely on private wells for water, and that’s already hard to come by.

The Raystown Family Campsite requires over 10 gallons of water to operate. It’s said that one resident went nine days without water during a busy period at that campground. Residents said this new site could use the same amount of water or even more.

Carl Grove is an active spokesman of the fight not to have the campground open. He said he’s reached out to multiple departments, including PennDot, and the Department of Environmental Protection, for assistance in the issue.

“We’re just trying to get people to back us up,” Grove said. “We’re trying to get public officials, DEP, someone to say ‘look the residents need someone to back them up here,’ And we’ve said this before if someone loses water, that’s too much there’s no reason.”

The Huntingdon County Planning Commission also made comments expressing their concerns. However, Grove said that the campsite is already advertising for the upcoming season.

Grove said he and other residents would continue to attend township meetings until there’s a change. Juniata Township’s next meeting is expected to be Tuesday, Feb. 1.

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