BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — When the weather is nice, a lot of families enjoy getting some fresh air by going for a walk or a bike ride, but for those with special needs children that can be a challenge, especially for those with mobility issues.

On Tuesday, one children’s charity gave out ten adaptive bikes and strollers to families in need at no cost.

13 year old Dominic Giarth never fails to put a smile on his family’s face.

“He’s our blessing. He’s our sunshine, and he’s always happy, always smiling, very special to us,” Lori Barnes, Dominic’s Aunt, said.

He used to ride a bike with training wheels to keep his balance until they started bending.

“I just slow down so he’s with me. He’s behind because his training wheels down really work,” Dominic’s cousins, Lilly and Dane Barnes, said.

Now thanks to Variety children’s charity, Appalachia IU8, and Blackburn’s, he’s getting a bike made just for him.

“It’s cool riding in circles and back,” bike recipient Dominic Giarth said.

This is the 8th year that Variety, the Children’s Charity of Pittsburgh, has distributed adaptive bikes and strollers, over a million dollars in equipment given away for free.

“He’s gonna be able to keep up with them…I’m so excited,” Lori Barnes said.

Dominic said can’t wait to cross the finish line all on his own.

We know he’s gonna win our races ,” Lilly said.

Along with the bikes and strollers, Variety also offers communication devices for kids who have trouble speaking. Any interested families can apply for the any of these programs by going to