Inside the State College Framing Company and Gallery, you’ll find hand-crafted work by Alice Kelsey and Sarah Pollock.

Over the past year the two have created the ‘Finding Centre’ exhibit, which highlights cherished landscapes throughout the Centre Region.

“And I think sometimes what happens is we’re surrounded by so much beauty in this area and a lot of times people who live and work here may not always appreciate or recognize what’s right at our fingertips,” Pollock said.

And these paintings have a purpose.

Many of the pieces showcase land or streams protected by the ClearWater Conservancy.

Andrea Murrell, Communications Coordinator for ClearWater Conservancy, said “Alice and Sarah conserved and restored our landscapes in a really different and beautiful way.”

ClearWater works to support land conservation and provide water resources protection.

Murrell and her team rely on grants and donations to acquire conservation easements and protect valued land indefinitely.

“The exhibit is a perfect example of a visual archive of some of the work that ClearWater is most proud to have been a part of,” Murrell said.

Like the Meyer Dairy Farm.

This year ClearWater raised $2.75 million to preserve the land it sits on and this fall they officially confirmed legal protection.

And now its portrait hangs proud for display.

“I think it’s helped highlight a lot of what ClearWater is doing and what is beautiful about this area,” Kelsey said.

“When you can combine the making of the art with having a social effect, I think that’s really the best form of sharing the visual world with other people,” Pollock said.

Pollock’s and Kelsey’s work is for sale until Dec. 4th at the gallery and some of the proceeds benefit ClearWater.

So far $400 has been donated to the program and Murrell said it will be put to good use.

“That donation from the artists and the Framing Company is going to allow us to continue to do the work without losing any time and just help us keep our effort going,” Murrell said.