Local Barber, Clay Sholly, says his passion all started in his childhood.

“I’ve always been picky about my hair when I was a kid,” Sholly said.

But it took a while for it to all click in for Sholly.

“I worked a couple of dead end jobs. I just wasn’t satisfied,” Sholly said. “The job I had when I realized I wanted to be a barber – it was a good job – I just didn’t want to do it forever. One day I told my wife listen, I’m not happy. I want to do something I love and it just kind of hit me out of nowhere as we were listing qualities that I wanted in a job. Barbering hit me and that’s what I knew I was supposed to do.”

For Sholly, it’s not just about helping people look good. It’s about helping them feel good.

“I try and live by the phrase if you look good you feel good and if you feel good you do good,” Sholly said. “I just wanted to see people look at themselves different and not be so hard on themselves.”

Sholly says he was led to his passion by his faith.

“I met a lot of great people and they really pushed me to further my relationship with God and that’s been the most important thing,” Sholly said.

For Sholly, being a barber means so much more than just cutting hair.

“You meet a lot of people cutting hair. People tell you something and you get to give them input and try and help them through it and it’s really cool,” Sholly said.

“Take time,” Sholly said, when asked what advice he would give to anyone going through what he went through a few years ago. “It’s not a rush. I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a couple of years. And when it hits, you just know.”

As for what’s next for Clay Sholly:

“I don’t know man. I could be here. I could own my own shop. It just all depends on what God’s plan is.”