Editors note: It was previously reported incorrectly that Nine Lives Lounge is closing due to life hardships. This has been removed from the story.

BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – A Hollidaysburg hangout with ties to cat adoptions is closing its doors after two years.

Nine Lives Lounge, a self-serve coffee shop, announced on their Facebook page they will be closing but will continue to help with other fundraisers and events in the future.

Noted as Blair County’s first cat cafe, the Nine Lives Lounge’s mission was to aid in adopting cats.

You can read their whole statement below.

I don’t want to make this post but because of the amount of messages we’ve gotten, I need to. It’s hard to type this out but it’s ultimately necessary.
We are closing permanently. It was a hard decision to come to and I feel selfish doing so but…. It’s the right thing for us on a personal level.
We are not the people to run this. We are too spur of the moment and we should have put more time and effort in but we were also juggling our family. Kids grow up so fast and we value every second with ours. We were neglecting the cafe and it became so overwhelming. We needed to realize, this wasn’t for us any longer.
We will help with other fundraisers and events in a future. We care about cats and will always help in some capacity.
I don’t look at this as a failure. We could have kept running, it’s a hard choice we had to make. We have aided in finding almost 200 cats home in two years. That’s a big deal, and we appreciate all our adopters and customers in these last two years more than any post could ever explain.
I know people may offer to help and while we appreciate the offers, we are sure of this choice.
Thank you for your understanding..we can’t say thank you enough for all the support and love. Knowing we helped find truly great adopters is something we are so proud of. We will always be Nine Lives, we will always help cats in some way… And we hope you enjoyed the cafe

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