CAMBRIA COUNTY, PA. (WTAJ) – Growing up on his dad’s farm, Andy Golden had a different childhood than most farmer’s kids.

“We did a lot of specialty grains growing up and cleaning grain, just trying to add value to it,” Golden said.

“Anything that you can do that eliminates the middle man, that’s where you’re making money,” Vince Golden, Andy’s dad said.

So Andy and Vince started milling their grains and flour, but then a new source of revenue was discovered in the fall of 2018.

“It was a matter of making a matrix on value versus time and where are we going to spend a majority of our time,” Andy said.

.In comes CBD oil and Andy’s childhood friend, Matt Sinosky.

“The biggest misconception still from people is that it’s going to get them high and it’s not. You get all those effects of calmness, help with anxiety help with pain without the psychoactive effects of marijuana,” Sinosky said.

Andy and Vince would then trade out their mill for CBD production, as the business started taking off, until the coronavirus pandemic hit.

“We didn’t panic, we just sat down and tried to figure out what we can do to come out on top of this,” Andy said.

It turns out, they didn’t need to look far.

“It’s like a switch flipped, and people are going to buy local if they can,” Vince said.

People wanted their product, but it wasn’t just CBD, it was their flour.

“So we’ve started actually renovating a barn to get our mill back up and running,” Andy said.

A business revived to go with a business thriving, another day at your not so typical farm.

“There’s a big learning curve on anything you do and we’re still learning,” Vince said.

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