The Coronavirus has created many obstacles in the way we live and work, and with so many changes, it can feel like a dark time. But one local business owner decided to find the light in these times, and is spreading cheer to others. When Debbie Arnsparger was forced to close her flower shop due to the Coronavirus outbreak, she felt devastated. It didn’t take her long to discover that she could easily bring cheer to those who need it during this time with the thing she knows best…flowers. With so many shipments of flowers coming in, but so many events being canceled – Debbie refused to throw her flowers away. She delivered over 65 bouquets of flowers to first responders, firefighters and nurses. “We’re all going about our isolation, our shutdowns – our you know keep our distancing and things like like that – but there are people out there that can’t and it does bring tears to my eyes – sorry. You know we’ve got nurses out there we’ve got the police man – we’ve got the firemen.” Debbie says she didn’t do this for the reaction, but after receiving so many great responses – she knew this is exactly what she was supposed to do.

When Debbie Arnsparger was forced to close her floral shop she was devastated, “I’m telling you I haven’t cried that much in years, I mean this is my life, I love it.” With so many events, canceled and weddings, and funerals being postponed due to the Coronavirus, Debbie was left with all of these fresh flowers…and no one to purchase them. “My thinking was, ok I have to do something with my flowers – I will not throw my flowers away.” And then a light bulb went off in her head… and she thought, “ok there’s a nurse there, there’s a policeman there, there’s a fireman there and what can i do to get these flowers in their hands and spread cheer not fear.” Debbie decided to deliver over 65 bouquets of flowers. “They’re not giant bouquets – they’re just a little pick me up bouquet just to say somebody is thinking about you, hang in there you know you’re not lost in all of this.” She didn’t do it for the response. “She started to cry and she said, you are my angle, and she said, i just needed it so bad. she said i don’t know why you did it, i don’t care, but thank you! and that just made it.” But some of the reactions she received made her realize this is what she was supposed to do. “I think god keeps encouraging me to you know spread the cheer – doesn’t matter how but I think it’s him kind of chugging me along.”