Bedford-native Doug Weyandt hunts all the time in the woods behind his family’s business: Mile Level Farm Market and Greenhouses off of Lincoln Highway in Snake Spring Township, Bedford County.

Saturday, he took his 14-year-old son squirrel hunting, when they stumbled across something strange: a skull.

“Thought I seen like a bear skull and got down and it wasn’t all there, picked it up, wasn’t real sure; had myself in kind of a doubt,” Weyandt said.

Throughout the day, he couldn’t shake the funny feeling he had about the skull because that wasn’t all they found.

“I did see a shoe and it was well-weathered. That really helped with the thoughts at home: something wasn’t right,” Weyandt said.

That’s when he called police, who confirmed Weyandt had, in fact, found human skeletal remains.

“Reality kicked in. It was a real skull,” said Weyandt.

On Sunday, a forensic team collected the rest of the remains. Investigators said the body may have been there for three to 10 years.

“They definitely found a lot more than what I could see on top of the ground,” said Weyandt.

State police, the Bedford County coroner and the district attorney’s office are working together on the investigation. Currently, they are doing DNA testing to learn more about the age, gender and identity of the body found. At this point, investigators can’t say whether or not they believe the death is suspicious.

Weyandt said he’s not scared to go back to his favorite hunting spot, he’s just curious to learn who he found in the woods.