(WTAJ) — It’s called Delta 8 and it’s 100 percent unregulated unlike its older brother Delta 9 which both have THC, the chemical that gets you high in marijuana.

But because Delta 8 is derived from federally legal hemp plants, anyone over 21 can walk into a store to purchase it.

Mike Deangelo, the owner of Your CBD Store in Altoona said with THC and CBD products flying off the shelves, the relatively new product called Delta 8 is causing quite a buzz. And, it’s used to treat a variety of things

“You’re not gonna get high, no withdrawals, no tolerance… much more effective… very effective,” DeAngelo said.

It’s those that choose to use it to get high that are turning heads, and it all started with a loophole.

In 2018 the federal government legalized hemp products and limited Delta 9, also known as marijuana’s THC to a small percentage, however, the legislation did not say anything about Delta 8.

Delta 8 can be described as a chemical cousin to Delta 9. And now, its spike in sales across the country has caught the eye of the DEA.

“I think the only thing that could be done and the DEA has a rule that is pending is to make all of these types of synthesizing THC drugs no matter what chemical composition is illegal,” Rep. Lou Schmitt (R) 79th said.

Schmitt agrees with the DEA because it has not regulated the chemicals used to make delta 8 and the manufacturing process should scare everyone.

“We don’t know how they’re produced we don’t know what chemicals may be going into the process and what toxic effects they may have on humans,” Schmitt said.

This while DeAngelo says his products are simply saving lives.

“They realize that they can take their life back and not be high… and that’s why we’re here,” DeAngelo said.

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