Penny Eifrig is a Centre County native and has partnered with a German photographer to start a media campaign in State College to bring awareness to the refugee crisis taking place in Berlin, Germany.

It’s called the ‘They Have Names’ campaign.

There are photo exhibits at over 20 different locations throughout the borough that portray children living in the ICC Refugee Camp in Berlin.  The goal of the campaign is to depcit a sense of humanity and encourage people to educate themselves on what it really means to be a refugee.   

“It’s just sharing stories of kids being kids.  To remove that idea that a refugee is something different than your or my children.  That really kids are kids are kids.  These ones happen to be in transition, happen to be in flight, but when they find a place where they are loved, where they’re accepted, that they’re normal happy kids, and just really fun to be around,” said Eifrig.

Eifrig is also part of the Centre County Refugee Welcome Committee, and says she hopes to eventually be able to bring a refugee family here to our region.