Meet Dylan LaMotte or as he says: D to the Y to the LAN. At just 8 years old, Dylan is Sheetz’s youngest (and cutest) superfan. Dylan and his mother visit his local Sheetz in Lynchburg, VA every single day for his two favorite things: fries and slushies!

It’s there that he waves to co-founder Steve Sheetz, pictured on the wall inside the store, every day. He even hopes to work at Sheetz one day.

So when Dylan’s Mom, Tiffanie McGregor, posted a video of her son receiving a “Youngest Sheetz Employee” shirt on Facebook, Sheetz took notice and decided to surprise Dylan in a big way!

On Thursday, Steve Sheetz surprised Dylan by welcoming him to the store and made him Sheetz’s official youngest employee ever and gave him a chance to call out customers’ order numbers. He then shocked Dylan with a gift card for free slushies for the rest of his childhood!

Dylan’s response? Screaming, jumping and giving founder Steve Sheetz the biggest hug an 8-year-old could give. Dylan’s mom teared up saying it was the gift of Dylan’s dreams.

Photos/Video compliments of Sheetz Inc.