ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Michael Copley, who was found guilty by a jury of third-degree murder after his wife’s missing body was found in 2016, has been sentenced Thursday afternoon.

Copley will see 26.5 to 57 years behind bars after being charged with homicide, aggravated assault and abuse of a corpse in the death of his 29-year-old wife.

After a week-long trial and a jury deliberation lasting over six hours in August, Michael Copley, 33 was found guilty of third-degree murder in the death of his wife, Catherine Copley, who had been missing since 2015.

In the trial’s opening days, Blair County District Attorney Pete Weeks pointed out the couple’s marriage was complicated and they fought constantly, with infidelity on each of their parts central to the tensions that ultimately escalated in December 2015.

It was then that Michael Copley suspected Catherine Copley of having an affair with her marijuana dealer, Weeks said.  

During the closing statements of the trial, the prosecution urged jurors to look at the circumstantial evidence such as Michael’s DNA under Catherine’s fingernails and his cell phone data that placed him at the garage where her body was found in June 2016.

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