ALTOONA, PA. (WTAJ) — Residents of Pennsylvania are leaving the state at a much higher rate than almost any other state in the country, other than California and Illinois, data shows.

Pennsylvania is currently number 48 in the country when it comes to the rate of residents moving out of the state, according to the U-Haul Growth Index. The index takes data on U-haul truck rentals entering a state versus leaving that state in a calendar year.

According to that data, Pennsylvania went from number 41 in 2020 to number 48 in 2021. While Texas and Florida jockey for the position, Texas has held the number one spot for three of the past five years, including 2021.

Some Northeast markets showed year-over-year migration recoveries, yet three of the six states with the largest losses were also in the Northeast: New York at 45, Massachusetts at 47 and Pennsylvania at 48.

While U-Haul claims the index doesn’t correlate directly to population or economic growth, they say it is an effective gauge of how well cities are both attracting and maintaining residents.

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