There’s a high need for skilled workers in our area. So now a career center is trying to train more people to take those jobs.  The Clearfield Career and Technology Center has recently invested more than $150,000 into it’s precision machinery program. 

That’s because those going through the program are pretty much guaranteed a job once they complete the course. Or in many cases even before. The program had been dropped in the past, but was brought back a few years ago due to increased interest. Those who learn from this class have skills that are highly sought out from employees. 

Students  are lining up jobs before they even complete the nine month program. Chance Timko is proof . The high school senior went through the program and already works for Xtreme Machinery. The owner says he’s resorting to finding workers any way he can. And the course can open many doors for these students. 

The career center says they’ll continue to invest money into the program because they’re seeing the job placement. They’re currently waiting to hear back on a $160,000 grant to make upgrades to equipment.