CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Moshannon Valley YMCA held a 50-year anniversary celebration on Friday, March 17th.

At the celebration, many community members came to enjoy some activities and look at items from the past. There were snacks, cake, drinks, and plenty of memories to be shared.

“This place really came from nothing. I’ve been here for 50 years and some of my favorite things is seeing people grow up as well as being able to interact with people every day.” Judy Sinclair said.

Today the YMCA has several moving parts and different areas for youth and adults to exercise, create music, socialize, learn and much more. But there is also a huge anti-hunger program that since 2020 has distributed over seven million pounds of food.

Many consider the YMCA to be a centerpiece for the community.

“Well, I think you know the YMCA is here for the community you know that’s one of the things to give back to the community,” YMCA Executive Director Mel Curtis said. “I mean that’s a large part of our anti-hunger program. We’ve got to get people up and moving again since Covid to build a strong relationship within the community.”

Throughout the night many stories were told by many who have been at the YMCA since it opened.

“The dodgeball, the after-school programs for the kids were the best,” Allen Sinclair said. “Remembering where it started downtown and moving out here and what we got here now from I think things have been a lot better and it’s growing.”

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For the next 50 years, the YMCA will continue to grow, fueled by the passionate workers the facility has.

“We want to develop new programs and really just be a place for the community to come to,” Curtis said.