STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WTAJ) — Mount Nittany Medical Center’s plans to create a new 10-story tower are getting a bit clearer.

“The focus of this project is really about patient and staff experience and care, and upgrading our technology and our infrastructure,” Chief Financial Officer Bryan Roach said.

The new tower is set to cost around $350,000,000 to build.

New sketch plans are showing those funds will change existing semi-private rooms, that housed more than one patient, into completely private rooms with open windows.

“This new tower is gonna be very wired, if you will, for technology where every room is gonna have high speed internet,” Roach said. “And that’s not just to improve the patient experience can also facilitate telehealth.”

Roach said the expansion will bring updated locker rooms and rest areas for the hospital staff. Also, a new system of tagging thousands of pieces of equipment to easily track and find when needed is in the works.

“Nursing, if they need a piece of equipment,” Roach said. “They can go right on the computer and know exactly where that piece of equipment is so they’re not walking around and having extra steps in their day.”

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The project is set to break ground this summer with an anticipated opening in 2026.