A new radiation oncology center in Johnstown will allow patients at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center to get state-of-the-art treatment.

Tuesday, Conemaugh Cancer Center unveiled its new radiation center, spearheaded by Dr. Ali Tunio.

“With this machine, I can do anything,” said Dr. Tunio.

The Truebeam linear accelerator provides targeted treatment so healthy tissue isn’t damaged. Doctors can even design a treatment plan and test it out before they treat patients.

“This is it. There isn’t anything better than this,” Dr. Tunio said.

Conemaugh hasn’t had a radiation center for about 20 years, so patients have had to travel for treatment, which can be a challenge for families already dealing with a stressful diagnosis.

“Radiation is given every day, five days a week, sometimes nine weeks. So that puts a lot of pressure on the patient, on the family,” Dr. Tunio said.

Starting at the end of January, patients can get all of their treatment under one roof.

“We can all communicate [with] each other and say, ‘Okay, this is what the patient needs and this is what we should do.”