JEFFERSON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – A new store is coming to the Reynoldsville community that allows individuals freshly coming out of the prison system a chance at employment.

Second Chance Boutique is a second-hand clothing store on 410 E. Main Street, in the old Wine and Spirits building. Co-owner, Angel Lutcher, is planning for a grand opening on Aug. 19 to celebrate the new store and the next phase in her mission.

“I’m extremely excited to see a dream come true but also overwhelmed and a little nervous because you know there is always the potential it won’t go,” Lutcher said. “But if any of the outpourings that has come in from the community thus far is a sign of what’s to come I believe we will succeed.”

Back in October 2021, Lutcher partnered with DuBois Light and Life Church and Found Ministries to help make this happen. The new store will allow guests to shop for second-hand clothing as well as offer employment opportunities for people trying to transition back to an independent life after getting out of the prison system.

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Lutcher has witnessed time and time again, families struggling and this leads to fostered kids and torn-apart families. This is also just the second phase of a three-phase process for Lutcher. Phase one is going into prisons and ministering to the inmates. Followed by step two, gaining employment, and step three, Lutcher’s ultimate goal, is to provide housing for the former inmates.