Federal health experts say about a fourth of Americans suffer from frequent knee pain. The problem can limit their activity and their mobility, and even impair their quality of life. Now one local doctor is offering a treatment that may help.

His office, University Orthopedics Center is taking part in a study of a new treatment called GelrinC.
The research is evaluating whether the procedure  helps patients use their own stem cells to promote the growth of cartilage.

Dr. Robert Singer says the treatment involves a single minimally invasive procedure, but it could go a long way toward relieving knee pain.

“It could be a big difference, if we’re able to treat this defect and we get them to grow normal cartilage. It  could preclude them from having long term damage and additional problems and surgeries down the road,” he explains.

The study is for people between the ages of 18 and 50 whose pain is caused by cartilage damage in only one knee. It won’t help people with cartilage tears or arthritis.

For more information, go to mykneestudy.com or call (833)430-8686.