BROOKVILLE, PA (WTAJ) – A new store in Brookville is gaining attention from the community for the unique products they sell. 

On Brookville’s historic Main Street, you can find Open Arms Farmacy and freeze-dried candy. A business Robert Black started four years ago in Punxsutawney. At the Punxsutawney location, there is a giant commercial kitchen housing 14 machines operating continuously to keep up with the wholesale demand supplying to distributors including the Altoona Curve and

“Our main product is to freeze-dry candy. We bring on vintage stuff as well, usually by the request of people. We try to give the people what they want,” Owner Robert Black said. 

Freeze-drying is a process that removes moisture by freezing a product to preserve perishable foods and extend their shelf life. This is the same process used by NASA.

The business is excited to expand after closing the storefront in Punxsutawney to focus on manufacturing. 

“We got too busy with manufacturing to take the time to give the people what they deserve, which is our time,” Black added. “We just decided to go with straight manufacturing and that’s where we’re at.”

The store on Main Street in Brookville carries their freeze-dried candies, novelty candies, and their line of soda branded specifically for Brookville, PA.

“Honestly, the best the absolute best part is the fact that we may be able to become that candy company that grandpa would grab your finger when you’re walking down the street side and give you a piece of teaberry gum,” Black said. “You’re always gonna remember that. Well, hopefully, 30 years from now where that company that you’re going to remember as well, and watching people put something in their mouth for the first time that’s the that’s the best part because it’s an explosion of flavor and it’s something different than what they are used to.”

And the Brookville community is already showing support for the new shop. 

“The Brookfield Community number one has been absolutely amazing to us for the couple of days that we’ve been open,” Black said. “I can’t believe the outcome, I mean they just they’ve been incredible. I can’t speak highly enough on the chamber, they push and push and push.”

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Open Arms Farmacy offers fundraising, concession, and wholesale in addition to their retail store located at 188 Main Street, Brookville, PA. Store Hours are Fridays and Saturdays 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.