PITTSBURGH, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Pennsylvania man has begun his 40,000 mile trip around the world, by plane.

Not just any plane, either.

A plane named, “Planey McPlaneface,” piloted by Ross Edmondson.  Edmondson says he plans to cross 5 continents and says people have told him his flight, in this particular aircraft, is impossible. 

“There’s a corny old saying that says flying is 99% boredom punctuated by 1% moments of terror,” Edmondson said.  “Hopefully there will be none of those 1%’s on this trip.” 

This will also be a charitable journey for Edmondson.  He wants to spread the word about the charity, “Africa Promise,” which supports education in Kenya.  Every dime he raises through his website during the trip will go to the charity.

He says he expects to return home next April.