(WTAJ)- Parents are being advised to watch what they post on social media regarding their children’s first day of school.

While the famous first day of school poster may seem nice to friends on social media, it might also be a setup for people with bad intentions. The poster carries a load of information about your child that may be lead to bad things occurring.

When posting the board, it’s recommended to remove your child’s full name, school, teacher, grade, and even interest. However, the first day of the school board doesn’t need to be ignored entirely.

Ashley Owens, the CAS program director, recommends that parents take a photo on the first day of school board but keep the picture to themselves or send in a private message. There is also the option of simply just taking a picture of the outfit.

“You could post a picture of your child dressed up in their lunchbox and their backpacks, “Owens said. “Looking all terrified or excited and just post your know if you share the first name of your kids. Ashley’s first day of school’s today or something.”

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