In a Somerset County court Thursday morning, a judge approved a motion to allow Amber and Dewey Wilt to contact their four children, with permission from Somerset County Children and Youth Services.

The kids were originally placed into foster care, but are now in the care of a family relative.

“The only focus of my clients at this point is reuniting their family,” said Matthew Zatko, defense attorney for the Wilts.

Police said the Wilts were hosting a cookout at their home on Shirleys Hollow Road on June 18th when their son, who’s under 6-years-old, went into the bathroom unattended and ingested Subutex pills from an open prescription bottle.

Subutex is a prescription used to treat opioid addiction.

The child was taken to Meyersdale Hospital and given two doses of Narcan before he was transported to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. According to Zatko, doctors said the child who ingested the pills is fine.

“The notion that he was in serious danger or that he was having serious medical events, quite frankly isn’t accurate,” Zatko said.

Police said when they responded to the home the next day, they found drug paraphernalia in the bathroom, including a small silver spoon, cotton, a styrofoam cup with clear liquid and a lighter. They also reportedly found a syringe in a cupboard.

The couples attorney, Matthew Zatko, said the Subutex pills were prescribed for pain management.

“I can say that the medication prescribed was not for some sort of opioid addiction,” Zatko said.

The couple is out on bond. They are not allowed to consume alcohol or drugs not prescribed to them by a medical professional. They are also prohibited from having unsupervised contact with other children under the age of 18.

“Going forward my clients welcome the opportunity to set the record straight about the events of that day,” said Zatko.

The Wilts will appear in court again on December 13.