JEFFERSON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – After being in the works for a decade, the new Kenneth Lyons Veterans Memorial Park has finally opened.

The park is named in honor of Kenneth Lyons, who was a teenager and honor student at Reynoldsville High School and served during World War 2. An Air Force veteran Sam Bundy shared that during WW2, he was driving around with other teenagers collecting scrap metal for the war effort when he was killed in an accident.

“He wanted to honor them but unfortunately because of an accident during this scrap drive he was killed and others who remembered these things wanted to make sure that he was honored too,” Edwards said.

The park includes a monument, large cannons, and a stage for community events. The entire project was made possible by community support.

Residents of Reynoldsville donated most of the supplies and countless hours of their time to build the memorial. It was truly a labor of love. Many of the volunteers were veterans.

Planning began more than 30 years ago, starting with the demolition of blighted buildings that used to stand at the site.

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The park is dedicated to all veterans, both living and dead.