CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A year-long study on affordable and attainable housing in Patton Township has culminated in a series of recommendations for the Board of Supervisors to consider.

“Everybody wants a great community, and the question becomes, ‘What factors make that possible?’,” said Anita Thies, Patton Township Supervisor. “We’ve known Patton Township to do forward thinking in the past, we set forth this report as a call to action to help make Patton Township a place for all.”

The Patton Township Housing Task Force of 18 volunteers developed a mission to help position Patton Township for a future of inclusivity and resilience.

According to the report, some of the Task Force’s recommendations include:

  • Designate “Attainable Housing” as a Township Work Priority and Community Focus for 2022
  • Support future County-wide and Regional Housing Studies and Deepen Collaboration with Regional Housing Service Providers
  • Provide funding for the First Time Homebuyers Fund, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Centre County and the Centre County Housing and Land Trust to specifically benefit Patton Township residents
  • Adopt Township Planning and Zoning Approaches that Support Attainable Housing

The task force invites the community to join in on the discussion, happening October 27 at the Board of Supervisors Meeting.

“If the community can have that conversation and understand that having more attainable and diverse housing options really does benefit the entire community, and helps it be resilient for generations to come, and keep it a place that people love to live, I think is just beneficial across the board,” said Nicole Pollock, senior planner at the Centre Regional Planning Agency

The full report and a series of three videos are available online for the community to review prior to the meeting.