UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. (WTAJ) — Penn State is coming together to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day on Monday with speeches and performances from the Native community.

The Penn State Indigenous People’s Student Association hosted a Resistance Day rally at Old Main.

The event was held in collaboration between the Center for the Performing Arts and the Indigenous Faculty and Staff Alliance.

“Too often in our society, history has been told from only one point of view,” State College Mayor Ezra Nanes said. “I regret that I only learned many things from a certain point of view. So today, we learn that we need all points of view to tell history.”

The event featured short performances by Akwesasne Women Singers and Las Cafeteras. Students and staff shared their thoughts on Native representation at the university with the crowd.

The rally comes two years after President Joe Biden officially commemorated Indigenous Peoples Day, which historians say is about reclaiming and acknowledging Indigenous history.

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Penn State will also host an Indigenous Peoples Day feast on Monday at the HUB starting at 7:30 p.m.