PENNSYLVANIA (WTAJ) – PennDOT is reminding drivers in Cameron, Centre, Clearfield and Elk Counties of line painting activities on major roadways.

District 2 PennDOT is painting lines in Cameron, Centre, Clearfield and Elk counties on Interstate 80, Interstate 99, Route 322, Route 219 and other major roads. There is no specific date as this type of work will be done when weather and schedules align.

PennDOT is reminding drivers to always drive cautiously and be on the look out for permanent and portable message boards in areas where painting is being done. They can also find information on the Highway Advisory Radio System (1640 AM), at or by calling 511.

PennDOT said line painting is a slow-moving operation. Equipment and vehicles are mounted with “LINE PAINTING – WET PAINT” signs and flashing lights. Drivers should stay at least eight to 10 car lengths behind line painting equipment to avoid driving over wet paint, and that paint can only get on a vehicle if a driver drives over wet lines.

Patience and the appropriate distance between you and the paint truck will help lower the potential for damage from wet paint.

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PennDOT said it will paint as many roadways as possible during the warm-weather months, and the weather conditions and availability of paint supplies may have an impact on the number of roads PennDOT can address this year.