CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A gun shop owner in Bellefonte is sharing his opinions about President Joe Bidens executive order meant to crack down on gun violence.

Biden’s plan calls for increased background checks on gun buyers and to promote the use of Red Flag laws. The president is also taking steps to speed up the implementation of a gun safety package that was passed in 2022.

Tom Engle, the owner of Hunter’s Warehouse, said nothing will really change for Pennsylvania when it comes to background checks. According to Engle, Pennsylvania already has a solid background check system and the executive order targets states like Ohio that don’t already have the law.

“You can go to a flea market in Ohio and buy a pistol right off the counter, right off the table at that flea market. You can not do that in PA,” Engle said. “All pistols have to be transferred at a gun dealer, even private sales.”

While he doesn’t think universal background checks will affect PA dealers and gun owners in any way, Engle claims the Red Flag laws will. If you have a charge brought against you, you could end up losing your guns. This is a law Engle thinks is important but he said something like an assault weapons ban should not happen.

Engle explained that assault rifles are not any more dangerous than a handgun because they do just as much damage. However, he said handguns are more dangerous because they are smaller and easier to conceal.

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“Why are we targeting guns like this that are not easy to conceal, that are easy to see coming into a school, that are easy to see coming into whatever location you are taking them to?,” Engle said.

All in all, Engle said the executive order will not hurt responsible gun owners because they’re already following the law.