CENTRE COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)- Dreams are becoming a reality for the Wolf family as they receive an all-inclusive trip to Walt Disney World from Pixie Dust Wishes. The family was given a presentation of their trip Saturday at Tudek Park in State College.

Pixie Dust Wishes is a non-profit organization that grants Disney World trips to families with children with disabilities and special needs. The organization was founded by Jaimie Miller three years ago.

This vacation includes a five-night stay at a Disney World Resort. Then, it takes care of all the expenses, including food, transportation, and tickets. The family’s mother, Cindy Wolf, was nearly in tears when the family formally received the award. She said she was beyond words and grateful for the trip.

“It’s beyond what I could think,” Wolf said. “Like I said, I didn’t expect that we would be picked. I’m all the way at the bottom of my heart, thankful and humbled they picked our family.”

Cindy and her family have been through multiple challenges within the past few years, both financially and health-wise. When her daughter was four month old, she lost her husband. Then, she lost her job due to heart failure and is on oxygen. She is also now the sole caregiver of her children because of the pandemic.

Her three children each have multiple disabilities. Her eldest, Tim Wolf, has bipolar disorder, ADHD, Asperger’s, and other disabilities. The middle child, Chris Wolf, has Autism, microcephaly, and intellectual disabilities. Then her youngest, Rachel Wolf, who was not at the presentation, has microcephaly, intellectual disabilities, and chronic vomiting syndrome. Cindy says that since she’s the only caregiver, that they needed a break soon.

“I felt for a while now that we needed the opportunity to have a break,” Wolf said. “And have some positive family memories to build together.”

This will not be the first time they’ve been to Walt Disney World. That previous trip was not as magical as they had planned. Cindy says they’re looking forward to seeing their favorite characters, such as Disney princesses and Pixar characters.

“Having it be this many years later, and being able to do this together as a family when they can remember it, enjoy it, and actively participate is going to be really great,” Wolf said.

Miller said that it is great when a family receives their wish. She recognizes how much the Wolf Family does for the community and the organization.

“The Wolf Family has volunteered with our organization,” Miller said. “They’re a very active family in the community as far as disability awareness and advocacy. It’s always a special event when we’re able to grant a wish.”

The Wolf Family’s vacation has not been booked yet; however, they’re looking to attend in the fall and the spring. They hope to attend all four parks when they go.

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