PORT MATILDA, Pa. (WTAJ) — ‘West Penn Power,’ a First Energy company, held a planned power outage on Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. It inconvenienced 2,400 of their customers.

About one month ago ‘West Penn Power’ announced an outage for some areas of Port Matilda, Tyrone, Warriors Mark and Julian. The company used the 8 hours to work on an ongoing project.

They say these areas have been experiencing issues with the reliability of their circuits. They chose Sunday to finalize a project they say could be the solution.

‘West Penn Power’ says the work they finished Sunday will provide additional circuits with automated switching. This will provide more flexibility for switching power sources when there is an issue.

While most places were closed, the ‘Port Matilda Volunteer Fire Company’ was filled with warmth and cheer, welcoming anyone to come in, get warm and grab a bite to eat.

“Anytime we can help, we’re here especially times like this where its winter time and it gets cold. Wanna come to a warm place? We’re here” says Fire Chief, Doug Rudy.

A family at the fire company spent the say wrapping gifts for Operation Christmas Child in memory of their grandmother who passed away in October. Most of the toys were purchased by her.

“We’re filling hopefully about twenty to thirty boxes in memory of my grandmother who was a big supporter of the cause” says Mindy.

Linda’s Husband, Dean says “she always wanted it done, we’re doing it for her, this was planned weeks ago before the power outage it just worked out.”