HARRISBURG, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – To celebrate the start of ‘Bike to Work Week,’ officials announced they are working on a series of improvement plans to add more opportunities for bicyclists in Pennsylvania.

PennDOT plans to unveil a draft of the department’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan on May 30 via webcast. Although details are limited, the improvements will include adding more trails and protected bike lanes.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Secretary Leslie Richards also took the time to remind folks about a few things to keep everyone safe. “Observe the 4-foot rule, which is, you should always remain 4-feet away from a bicyclist,” she stated, and went on to say, “Be aware of your surroundings, and we need the bicyclists to participate as well. They need to ride their bikes as responsible as they can.”

PennDOT has awarded more than $20 million in funding for 33 grants through the Multimodal Transportation Fund for projects to improve bicycle and pedestrian facilities since 2017. In addition to those funds, PennDOT provided $13.4 million in support for on-road bicycle facilities through federal funds.