ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Two Altoona men are facing charges after stealing motor oil and throwing it all over the bathroom at multiple convenience stores because they said they thought it was funny.

Gauge Nihart, 20, and Timothy Rice, 21, were identified as the two men police were looking for after a Sheetz employee called about motor oil being thrown all over the men’s restroom on March 26. After speaking with the manager at 58th street Sheetz, they were informed that the same thing happened at two other Sheetz stores in Altoona and Hollidaysburg.

While investigating, police found that the same thing happened at Rutter’s on 6th avenue in Altoona.

Security footage from all the stores showed the two men, Nihart and Rice, walking into the stores and taking a bottle of motor oil off the shelf, walking into the bathroom, then coming out about a minute later laughing and smiling without the bottle of oil.

On April 8, Altoona police happened to notice the two walking down 13th street as Nihart was wearing the same red McDonald’s hoodie from the security footage. While Nihart tried to walk away from officers, they spoke with Rice who said he was only using the bathroom and Nihart was the one with the oil.

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Rice eventually admitted to police saying: “I thought it was funny. But if I had to clean it, I’d be all p***ed.”

Both men have preliminary hearings scheduled for June 1.