BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A 46-year-old man faces charges after investigators found he was using multiple electronic devices, including tracking devices, to stalk two ex-coworkers.

The Hollidaysburg Borough Police Department have charged Donald Byers with several stalking and harassment related charges.

Police began their investigation March 23 when a man came forward and said he was being harassed and stalked, according to the criminal complaint. He told police he was in a relationship with a co-worker around December of 2019 when he received a text from a number he didn’t recognize.

The number was threatening the man to stop speaking with the woman. He spoke with her about it, and she believed it to be Byers, who was another co-worker at the time. She said he had allegedly wanted a relationship with her, but she wanted nothing to do with him.

The man told police that Byers was eventually terminated from employment at the company, but he kept receiving text messages and phone calls from different phone numbers revolving around his relationship.

Around December of 2020, the man told police that the woman sent him a picture of his vehicle outside of a restaurant, and she told him it came from a spoofed number she believed to belong to Byers. Over the next several months, she would receive pictures of the man’s vehicle at different locations from different numbers.

The man reports he went to Hoss’s for lunch, and Byers entered and sat near him. On another occasion, he told police he went to Martin’s to do some grocery shopping, and he noticed Byers following him through the store with an empty cart.

On Jan. 15, he told police he received a text message from Byers that read as follows, “…I think I finally drove a big enough wedge between you and her for her to give up on you finally… It cost me my job and a ton of money, but if I wasn’t able to have her, I was going to make sure you weren’t either… you two might have think I’m the one [that] lost, but really you lost someone who would have done anything to love you… just kept pushing her away bc of what I did two falls ago…bingo…I accomplished what I was after. Not much to say to that???”

On March 4, the man received another text from a spoofed number talking about stickers on the back of his tailgate, according to the complaint. He told police he looked, and there were six stickers that had the woman’s name on them and read “I’m loving it” with a McDonald’s logo on them.

He then told police he went on vacation to Daytona Beach, and he received more texts and calls from different numbers in reference to his vacation. He said only a few people knew he was going there, and Byers was not one. When he got home from vacation, he received another text that asked him how his trip was.

The man told police he kept in contact with the woman, and she told him she was having the same problems. She went on a business trip to New York, and not many people would have known she was there. Yet, she was receiving messages from Byers about the trip. She also told him that Byers would show up at random locations she was at.

The woman told the man she ended up checking under her vehicle for a tracking device, and she found one. The man checked his vehicle, and he had one, too.

Investigators confirmed the devices belonged to a company called Tracki, and they were able to pin the location of the user to Byers.

On April 2, a search warrant was executed on Byers’ house and vehicle. They found items such as:

  • Two Samsung cell phones
  • USB drives
  • Laptop computer
  • Samsung tablet
  • Cloud storage device
  • Portable drone
  • Netgear router
  • Arris modem
  • A duffle bag with other electronic devices
  • Empty Tracki box
  • McDonald’s stickers that the man found on his tailgate
  • A box of keys with the man’s phone number on them
  • Multiple pieces of paper with screenshots of messages between the man and Byers

Byers posted $40,000 bail and has a preliminary hearing scheduled for April 13.