HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A 42-acre campsite has been proposed for Juniata Township, but the Huntingdon County Planning Commission and neighboring residents have found serious concerns with the prospect.

About 550 people call Juniata Township home, and many rely on private wells to access water. The availability of that well water is already an issue and a new campground could potentially cut off supplies.

The 210 space campground, proposed for Piney Ridge Road, was reviewed by the Huntingdon County Planning Commission. They sent a letter to the Juniata Township Supervisors expressing their “very serious concern” about the availability of water.

“They’re going to have to drill private wells for the campground, and if they’re drawing from the same aquifer that provides well water for surrounding property owners, that’s going to negatively impact the existing people on that aquifer,” said James Lettiere, Huntingdon County planning director.

“If the campground would possibly go in, it’s a matter of when we lose our water,” said Ken Stewart, a resident of Juniata Township.

Residents say the new site could use up to 10,000 gallons of water a day, on top of what’s already being used for the townships other 23 campsites.

“If we have one person, one resident loses water over this, then we’ve went too far,” said Carl Grove, a resident of Juniata Township.

“We can’t afford to drill another well, the whole community up here, I mean none of us can really afford to,” said Stewart.

Another concern surrounds traffic on Piney Ridge Road.

“The roads on Piney Ridge are extremely narrow, there’s lots of turns,” said Grove. “There’s almost a 90 degree turn right before the driveway of this campground which is extremely dangerous.”

A petition against the campsite is being circulated among Juniata Township.

“We have not spoke to person, one household yet, that is not concerned and does not say we don’t want this,” said Grove. “To me, your taxpaying residents, and your voting residents, they should come above one person trying to make revenue from the campground.”

The Juniata Township Supervisor’s chairman did not have comment at this time.

About 25 residents attended the supervisor’s meeting on October 5. The next meeting is scheduled for November 9 at 6 p.m.