BREEZEWOOD, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Trio of men from New York are behind bars after police said they tried to hide 83 pounds of marijuana behind a dumpster after one of the men called 911.

State troopers out of Bedford responded to a 911 hang-up call at the Marathon gas station on Lincoln Highway in Breezewood Jan. 13.

One of the men, later discovered to be 30-year-old Sauiqi Wang of Flushing, NY, allegedly called 911 and said there were people in his car with marijuana and he wanted them to get out, but they refused.

Upon arrival, troopers said two men, 29-year-old Jiaming Yang and 29-year-old Dehuo Yu, both from Flushing, were seen standing near duffel bags in the parking lot.

The men reportedly gave troopers permission to search the duffel bag and marijuana in vacuum-sealed bags was found.

Troopers reported they then found five trash bags hidden behind a dumpster that contained 83 pounds of marijuana — an estimated street value of more than $300,000.

Yang, the driver, was contacted and agreed to meet with troopers at their barracks in Bedford. After reportedly getting conflicting stories from all three men, a search warrant was approved for Yang’s car.

The search warrant resulted in roughly $120,000 in counterfeit money being found in multiple duffel bags.

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Yang was charged with forgery and possession with intent to deliver.

Yu and Wang were charged with possession with intent to deliver.

All three men were placed in Bedford County Prison in lieu of $100,000.