The investigation continues into abuse claims at Laurel Brooke Landing in Brookville. 

Police say three workers have been fired after a caregiver in training reported abuse towards two patients in the memory support unit.

Cindy Ireland, a case management worker at Penn Highlands Dubois works with the elderly in facility settings. “I think it’s more common than we like to think that it is but, the most important thing anyone can do for their family is to keep in contact with them so you can see how they are doing,” says Ireland.

20 year olds- Haley and Hannah Shirey are facing multiple charges including harassment and assault after police say the two  were strangling and hitting a patient leaving him gasping for air while dressing him. A witness told police- one of the workers dumped ice down the shirt of another patient because he was making noise. 

Police say a doctor checked one of the patients and found bruising on his head. 

Ireland says bruising is a major sign of physical abuse. “It needs to be something that’s explained. If there’s no explanation on how that happened, there should be a reason and that would be a red flag.” 

A third worker, Rebekah Call, an LPN supervisor is also facing charges including criminal conspiracy for not reporting the abuse she witnessed. 

Ireland says don’t wait, speak up the first time you have questions. “If you’ve taken actions to provide care for an individual for a facility then you’ve done the best you can but you can’t responsible for what other people do.”

Women’s Relief Corp (WRC) senior services, which owns the senior facility released a statement saying,

 “The main focus at w-r-c has been and will continue to be the well-being of our residents and clients. We have a zero tolerance policy for abuse.” The group says performs background checks before hiring.