ReInvision Huntingdon was founded in 2015 by Ryan Gibboney who wanted to revitalize the community. Gibboney grew up in Huntingdon but has lived in other cities. Coming back home, she discovered a need to invest back into the community. 

She explained,”The main purpose is really to find projects that take something and make it even better. Make it work for today.”

The group raises funds from local donors. They use the money to invest in local organizations who have projects that are focused on improving Huntingdon. Gibboney said, “We find that it’s a good opportunity for us within this small town, for us to partner ReInvision Huntingdon with these other organizations that already exist and to make a bigger impact.”

Some of the projects they’ve invested in include a community garden on the corner of Fifth and Moore Streets, a new sign and entrance to Blair Park, and signs around downtown that encourage people to walk to what the area has to offer. The community garden was able to donate $1,100 of produce to local organizations that feed the Huntingdon community. 

While it is funding that gets the project started, they say it’s the passionate people behind the project that are the driving force to see it become a success. Gibboney explained, “The prime example is the community garden, we had a large body of people that said, ‘let’s do it, I’ll come. I’ll be here to help you plant and weed and mow the grass and all the things you have to do.’ And that’s what’s made this initiative successful.”

ReInvision Huntingdon accepts ideas for projects from the public. After submission they review the projects with the donors to pick which ones they are going to fund. The investments total up to $500 but they say more can be offered. The deadline for the current round of submissions is Friday. You can click here to apply.  More information on ReInvision Huntingdon can be found on their website.