JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WTAJ) – More than two months after the Johnstown Housing Authority gave notice to residents of the Prospect Housing Complex to vacate, new details about the conditions of the units are being released.

According to the Johnstown Housing Authority, the decision to relocate the residents came after part of a ceiling collapsed and fell on a resident. This collapse led to a follow-up inspection from Diviney & Associates Structural Engineers who noted in a report, “It appears all the ceilings in the residences are exhibiting the same behavior and are most likely destined for collapse.”

The properties in the complex are multi-family, one and two-story residences with a below-grade crawl space. There are 18 units with 4 to 8 residences per unit totaling 110 residences.

The report noted the following areas of structural concern:

  1. Floor framing has a severe slope towards the exterior wall
  2. Cracking in the walls at the stairs to the second floor
  3. Evidence of major historic settlement
  4. Floor framing failure in the laundry rooms
  5. Drywall and plaster ceiling falling from the second floor and roof framing

The report also recommended the following actions take place for the ceiling concerns:

  1. Remove the existing ceilings and install and finish new gypsum wallboard
    using properly spaced fasteners such as drywall screws and glue.
  2. Install 1” x 3” wood lath strips spaced at 16” on center over the existing
    ceiling construction. Install and finish new gypsum wallboard using
    properly spaced fasteners such as drywall screws and glue. If this option is
    selected, the existing first and second-floor ceiling framing should be
    analyzed to determine if the framing can support the additional loading

In new details, the housing authority has released a rough estimate for the costs of repairs needed for the units.

Interior costs

  1. Remove ceilings and replacing with new drywall. Finish and paint.
  2. Installing a 1×3 perpendicular board and then covering it with 3/8 of sheetrock.

These interior repairs total $17,080 per unit

Crawl space repair costs

  1. Remove all existing floor on the first flood down to the diagonal subfloor. Install new plywood and finish.
  2. Install new treated 2×6 plates in concrete block foundation. Add steel angles to hold.
  3. Replace or sister rotten boards.
  4. Grout under exposed undermined footers.

Crawl space repair costs total $43,280 per unit

External repairs

  1. Regrade the exterior to slope to run water away from buildings.
  2. Install drains from downspout’s and area drains.

External repairs total $29,760 per building

According to the estimates provided each unit would have to undergo over $60,000 worth of repairs, not including the $29,760 that would have to be made for external problems on each building.

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There is no decision yet for the future of the complex, they are still waiting on a complete scope of work, according to the Johnstown Housing Authority. The housing authority also noted that Oakhurst inspections have not taken place.

Below are documents explaining in more detail the reports provided by the Johnstown Housing Authority.

Whether the complex will be repaired or if the site will be redeveloped still is unknown as the complete scope of work has not been determined.