CENTRE COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) — One local park is having some trouble with teens acting up, so residents gathered at the Rowland Theater Monday night to discuss some of the issues people are facing.

Residents are frustrated and said these kids have taken over Slabtown Park, but they want to try and take it back.

“These are middle school to maybe high school age students that are constantly using profanity, smoking, littering, taking all of the equipment so our kids cant use them,” Philipsburg resident, Jamie Wagner said.

Parents said they are afraid to take their children to this park and the Philipsburg Borough is also aware of these problems.

“Constantly picking up garbage, we painted those picnic tables so many times, we are as frustrated as you folks are with it,” Philipsburg Borough Manager Joel Watson said.

The Coding Zone Enforcement Officer Tim Ryder has told the teens to leave many times and said he’s been cursed at and threatened.

“To what point are those threats going to be a reality, are they going to pull a knife on you, are they going to pull a gun on you, you don’t know,” Ryder said.

There is no trespassing signs up from 9 pm to 6 am and surveillance cameras, but residents said this is not enough.

“There needs to be something put in motion, Philipsburg needs to be proud of itself and I am not proud of that part of my town right now, I am proud of the people standing up for it, but I am not proud of those individuals down there,” Wagner said.

While this wont be fixed overnight, at the meeting the town brainstormed ideas together of ways to get this problem under control.

Now one thing the borough said you can do is to call state police if you see kids starting up trouble or are here past curfew.