Huntingdon County, Pa (WTAJ)- The Rural Broadband Cooperative continues to expand its internet coverage in parts of Huntingdon County and Mifflin County. The volunteer-run non-profit uses radio signals installed on the side of houses to give reliable internet.

The team built and funded a 130-foot radio tower on top of the mountain to power the network. It became fully operational in 2019 and provides two internet plans at affordable prices.

Covid-19 increased their demand for internet services in their area. Through a Covid-19 Broadband grant, they were able to expand their services by building more radio towers. They were then allowed to serve more residents.

General Manager Henry McCreary says that everyone in the community is grateful to receive services at affordable pricing.

“We’ve seen people with families and kids, and we get them hooked up,” McCreary said. “They’re almost in tears the day we get them hooked up.”

In this past year, they expand from 50 customers to now serving almost 200. RBC looks forward to expansion in the future.