The recent Veterans Day parade in Altoona was one of the biggest that it’s been in years. And that’s in large part, thanks to a man who has committed himself to veterans in this region. 

Lloyd Peck organized the last few Veterans Day parades. He’s the Chief Parade Marshal for the city of Altoona. And the head of the Blair County War Veterans Council.

Speaking at the Altoona Veterans Day parade, Command Sgt Maj. Harry Buchanan is the highest ranking enlisted soldier in Pennsylvania. And as an Altoona native, he knows Lloyd Peck well. 
He presented Lloyd with a special challenge coin. A way to show thanks to someone who has gone above and beyond in service to those who serve.
Buchanan says of Lloyd, “his dedication to the military and dedication to the veterans is unbelievable”
Lloyd was on active duty in the U.S. Marines from 1948 to 1959, serving on the front lines in Korea. Once back home, he got married to Judy, and then was in automotive service, food service and janitorial service. And his service to veterans never quits. One of his main hobbies is helping veterans sign up for benefits at the VA.

They know Lloyd well at the VA. Sigrid Andrews, the Medical Center Director at the Van Zandt VA Medical Center says, “Lloyd Peck is amazing! He has set the bar for all veterans who take care of veterans. I would say he has, and someone else said this, he has done more for veterans than anyone other veteran I know. To make sure veterans are aware of services, aware of outreach, to get the care they deserve.” 
Peck says he doesn’t want to sit home. He’s going to be 87 in December and he says he’s going to keep going as long as he can.
Lloyd Peck, we salute you!