Jefferson County, PA (WTAJ) – Senior centers can once again host activities for their members, giving seniors the opportunity to get out and mingle with their friends again.

That includes a group from the Foundry Senior Center in Reynoldsville, who have been together for more than 20 years. The group was founded by Mary Lou Mulhollan, and after a year apart from the girls, she’s thankful they’re back together again.

“Oh it gives you a reason to get up in the morning,” Mulhollan said. “You look forward to it.”

Her best friend since high school, Betty Anderson has been by her side the whole time. But they didn’t see each other at all in the last year. So, they had to find new ways to stay in touch. So they talked on the phone, everyday, and about anything.

“We plan together, and we complain together, and we laugh together,” Mulhollan said.

The Foundry senior center is easing back into their schedule slowly. For now, they have quilting club and Bingo set up for seniors to attend, with more events set to be scheduled soon. Everyone in the club is thankful to be back together again, and are eager to get back to spending their days with their friends again.

“Very nice very nice to see them. I missed them a lot,” said Betty Anderson, Mulhollan’s best friend.