State College Borough officials and researchers at Penn State want your opinion about whether the borough should become home of an action sports park. 

Professional BMX rider first presented the idea to Centre Region Parks and Recreation in 2013. 

Borough officials are now getting help from the Sustainable Communities Collective (SCC) at Penn State to help gather community input.

SCC created an online forum through the program PlaceSpeak for residents to express if the park is a good fit for the borough. 

Lauren Abbott, Penn State Ph.D Candidate & Instructor 

“If people feel passionately about the park being built in one place or the other, they have the opportunity to use PlaceSpeak and come out and talk about what they feel and prefer,” Lauren Abbott, a Penn State Ph.D candidate involved in the program said. 

More than 100 people have provided feedback, but researchers want at least 200 people to respond. 

The survey closes Monday, April 3. 

Click here to participate in the survey.