(WTAJ) — A mini casino in State College was first proposed nearly two years ago, and the fight for and against it continues.

The Pennsylvania Gaming and Control Board held a hearing Wednesday, Dec. 14 on a final license and ownership, but how it will ultimately play out is still a roll of the dice.

While State College Gaming was awarded the license to own and operate the proposed casino at the Nittany Mall in State College, the company that didn’t get chosen is not yet ready to give up the fight.

“There are red flags galore that demonstrate the rightness of, at least, us pursuing this issue actively,” Stadium Casino’s attorney Mark Aronchick said at the hearing.

His company is arguing its competitor shouldn’t be eligible for a license in the first place.

They said State College Gaming is partnering with another company that will run the casino’s sports betting and iGaming, which Aronchick said are “entities or people who are not licensed and don’t operate in Pennsylvania.”

State College Gaming countered by saying Stadium was presenting no real evidence, and it’s up to the Gaming Control Board to decide if they’re eligible to receive the license.

“This is not some unique situation where there’s some special role that Stadium should be playing,” State College Gaming Attorney Stephen Kastenberg said. “They are simply a sour-grapes competitor.”

On top of all this, the discussion on Wednesday had nothing to do with the petition on the casino, which has nearly 5,000 messages and signatures against it, and 115 for it.

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With the ownership still uncertain, there’s still no timetable for construction or an opening.