Downtown State College is about to get even sweeter, with a new shop along College Ave.

And Ohm Kongtang thinks its time the Centre Region enjoys Happy Buns.

“Happy Buns because we’re in Happy Valley, we’re a bunch of happy people and we hope you’re happy after you have a Happy Bun,” Kongtang said.

So what exactly is a happy bun? Well it’s the fusion of two very popular sweet treats–ice cream and donuts.

All of the baked dough comes from local vendors.

After you select your style of donut, things get a little cooler–with ice cream.

There’s upwards of 16 witty flavors like Rocky’s Road and Mustachio.

And the sugar overload doesn’t stop there, it continues with toppings like cereal or sprinkles.

After your creation is crafted, Kongtang said the treat becomes fused together with special technology that warms the donut but keeps the ice cream frozen.

Robert Ferguson, Kongtang’s business partner, explained that Happy Buns is intended to be a unique experience for customers.

And despite some recent closures in the region, he’s hopeful that the community will welcome a new concept.

“With the going of some of these local staples within the community, it is unfortunate but I think that opens up the playing field for everybody to have an equal opportunity to come into State College,” Ferguson said.

And at a flat rate of $6, you can taste for yourself if it really is a happy bun.

Kongtang said they’re going through final inspections and hope to be officially open for business this Saturday.