According to a new study by “Securitychoice” State College is the second safest place for families in the entire country.

State College doesn’t have the high crime or other dangers that larger places do, but it’s not just those things that help make the borough so safe for families.

“I think this is a place that has a great quality of life,” Fritz Smith, Executive Director for the Central Pennsylvania Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, said.
People enjoy living here, the people are really friendly, it’s not a very stressful place, so if you’re like me who’s spent a lot of time in big cities, moving to State College really helps reduce the stress level.”
State College is obviously best known as a college town, but this study also shows how family friendly it is..
With other attractions like quality education, and family friendly events all year long, local leaders like  Smith hope State College will bring in more jobs.

“It’s a great place to move to, it will help with the effort to attract businesses,” Smith said.  “This is a great place to start a business.  It will help with the effort to try to attract meetings and sporting events, group tours, family reunions.”
Smith says when a C-E-O of a company looks at possible places to open up their business, they often look at places that are safe and attractive to people starting a family.

“There’s a reason they call it “Happy Valley”, right? 
The visitor’s bureau plans on using this ranking to help promote State College to the rest of the world.