STATE COLLEGE. Pa. (WTAJ) — One State College Area High School student’s swimwear line is creating sustainable fun in the sun.

Lazanya Sunwear is run by 16-year-old Page Powell. She is the creative mind behind the custom-made swimwear clothing brand.

“I started like, selling swimsuits to all my friends and it kind of just like took off,” Powell said.

The designer’s love for sewing started when she was around 6-years-old. Powell said the name Lazanya came from a special connection.

“I got the name Lazanya because my grandma makes my favorite lasagna but she also taught me to sew,” Powell said.

The brand provides custom-made swimwear, selling double-lined one-piece and two-piece suits featuring unique fabrics and prints. The pasta theme can be felt throughout the business. Each piece is named after a different pasta shape.

“Every swimsuit is like, one of a kind, because a lot of my fabrics are remnants, which is like leftover from like other fabrics that people have bought,” Powell said.

Powell designs and constructs each piece herself. Recently, she brought on her friend and fellow State High student, Mary Miyamoto, to organize the branding of Lazanya.

Miyamoto said her experience with Lazanya is preparing her for her future. She has plans to attend Penn State University’s Smeal College of Business.

Both Powell and Miyamoto noted the sustainable aspect of the small business.

“Overproducing and how much of a waste this can be, especially with our environment right now, we’re just making sure that that’s a priority when we’re producing products,” Miyamoto said.

The sustainable model is one that more and more businesses are adapting.

“The consumers, I think, are getting, are basically demanding more,” PSU Professor of Supply Chain Management Aydin Alptekinoglu said. “Sustainability in varying degrees and with different approaches, they are a discussion point, an important discussion point in every fashion company.”

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Lazanya’s products can be found on Etsy and Instagram.

“I wanted it to be pieces that are made of love,” Powell said. “Ethically made, sustainably made and not overproduced.”